Active School Week

We are looking forward to our first ever Active School Week starting the 10th of June!!

The timetable below will be used during the week and our Sports Day will be Wednesday 🙂 Active School Week timetable-converted-page-001.jpg

Move it Monday!

What a fantastic first day to our Active School Week! Not only were we so lucky with the weather but everyone was loving being in tracksuits – even some of the teachers were caught saying it 😀

A big thank you to our own teachers Ms Staunton and Ms Kennedy who did some great athletics drills and courses with the children from Early Start, Wonderland and Junior Infants to 1st Class! The children had great fun and were all super tired going back to class!!



The senior girls were treated to an extra lessons in Camogie skills from the fabulous Jenny who came down from Kevins to help our with our active day! Thanks so much Jenny for everything you have done with us!!


Dance off Tuesday

Warrenmount have some very talented dancers which we found out after today!! Ms Tolan taught the junior school a fantastic dance routine to Walking on Sunshine with Ms Flynn taking the older girls for a variety of dance moves – even the teachers had the opportunity to join in ♥


Some of the brilliant dances can be seen in the short clip:

Sports Day Wednesday

Despite the weather holding us back, our sports day was still a success! Each class had a slot in the hall and provided us with some brilliant races 🙂 The 5th Class girls were very creative and created videos of the sports days for all the different classes which can be seen below ! A big thank you to our wonderful 6th Class girls who spent the day helping out 😀



Ms O Reilly’s Junior Infants:

Ms Kennedy’s Junior Infants:

Ms Brunnock’s Senior Infants:

Ms Tolan’s Senior Infants:

Mr O Shea’s 1st Class:

Ms Coyne’s 1st Class:

Ms Flynn’s 3rd Class:

Ms Connell’s 3rd Class:

Ms Carty’s 4th Class:

Ms Diskin’s 5th Class:

Soccer Thursday

Thursday proved to be a bit kinder with the weather and we managed to get outside for our soccer training! Emer took everyone for a slot outside and prepped our school soccer team for the big event of the day – if not the week! – the student vs teacher soccer match 🙂


While the teachers did their very best, they couldn’t shake off the students and after a nail biting two halves the score ended 4-3 to the students! Well done girls, you all did the school proud 😀


5th even made a video of the match!!

Friday Funday 🙂


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