Physical Activity

Physical Activity is the promotion and engagement of exercise and movement in addition to the 60 minute per week timetabled curriculum subject of Physical Education. Presentation Primary Warrenmount actively promotes the message that children require 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. In Warrenmount we have been extremely busy as we have engaged in a wide variety of different programmes, ideas and initiatives which have inspired the children to become more active.

Warrenmount promotes the full range of fundamental movement skills during break times and pupils are encouraged to run, play and take part in organised activities during big lunch. We have two daily playground breaks and our school yard is zoned and marked to allow children to engage in a variety of different activities for three days of the week. Our school’s playground leaders set up activities and sports equipment during break times for others to use. On Fridays we play our yard games that we have been learning since September.

Our first Playground Activities which ran until Midterm
Playground 2-converted-page-001.jpg
Our Second set of Activities


To help us remember the rules when we have our yard activities,  we came up with some catchy phrases – “If you kick, you must pick” and “If you throw, you go!”.

This is currently in place for students from Junior Infants up to 2nd class. The girls from 3rd to 6th Class switch between skipping, basketball and dancing on the side yard.

All pupils engage in an extended classroom based physical activity break on wet days and short physical activity breaks during the day (Go Noodle, Brain Gyms, Bizzy Breaks etc.)
Our school has agreed an Active School Flag slogan which is:


Our school incorporates physical activity into school calendar events as we hold different seasonal activities and events which can be viewed in detail below.
Finally all classes participated in a non-competitive running initiative called ‘Run Around Europe’ this year that lasted a number of weeks, while the older girls skipped their away to the top of lots of different mountains!!

Active Breaks in the Classroom/

Rainy Day Breaks

In Warrenmount we always make sure to get our 60 minutes of exercise a day. Sometimes when the weather is not good we have to stay indoors. We also take breaks between classes to help our brains to work to their optimum. We do activities like Go Noodle, workout exercises and brain breaks to help keep our brains active!
For the month of November we took part in the ACTIVE BREAK EVERY DAY Challenge which started on Monday, November 19th. Each Class had to tick off what sort of exercise they completed for four weeks and there was a prize for the class who had the most ticks.
ACTIVE BREAKS Challenge Poster - English PDF-1
The active chart we filled out!

Go Noodle

Go Noodle helps us with our coordination, body awareness and gross motor skills. One of our favourite guided dance is ‘Gummy Bear Song’ which is a big hit in the infant classes. The fresh start fitness exercise videos are great to help us use all our muscles and even the children in Early Start have been seen to be squatting in the mornings and afternoons laughing

You can follow our favourite videos at home too by just clicking on the videos below!

Exercise Workouts

For variation we also like to do workouts with different and challenging exercises. We have separate exercises for infants and senior classes and also follow the exercises from the Bizzy breaks activity guide. Every workout session is different as it depends what exercises are pulled out from the cup and for how long or how many seconds they last. It is great fun as we never know what we are going to end up doing!
Playground Leaders

We have fantastic playground leaders. The team of leaders last for one term and we then select new leaders to allow as many as possible to have a chance at being involved. We have a rota which includes children from third to sixth class so we take it in turns and share this important role. The children plan and organise games for each other at lunchtime. They set up the equipment, explain and demonstrate the activities or games. They are also great for encouraging and motivating everyone to get involved and to have fun. 

The playground leaders are in charge of ensuring turn taking is happening, the equipment is minded and that everyone knows the rules of the yard games. Below is the rules which we use for the yard games. Each month we are taught a new game. The images below show what games we have learnt so far…if you have any suggestions please let us know 🙂


Seasonal Activities

At Halloween we held our very first Halloween Disco to encourage us to get active instead of eating lots of sweets!! We had great fun dancing, pinning the nose on the watch, walking the spider’s web and blowing spiders to the finish line. Thank you to all the teachers who organised the disco – we had a great day!
Check out our pictures below!


Christmas Dance Off!

For Christmas we had a sing a long carol service where the choir taught us some cool moves instead of just sitting and listening – it was great fun and got us all in the festive spirit 😀


Seachtain na Gaeilge

An-ghníomhach i rith na seachtaine ag damhsa agus na na hamhráin a bhíomar ag canadh!

Walk for Autism

To celebrate World Autism Day and highlight that we are an active school, we all took part in a school walk. A very successful event for  on a lovely bright morning! Keeping active and supporting this amazing cause – thank you also to all the parents who joined us on the walk.


National Green Day


This year we decided to support our Green School’s campaign for their fourth flag by getting out and cleaning up the school yard! We put on our flashy coats and gloves and picked up the pieces of rubbish that had flown into our yard – we had great fun!


Easter Egg Hunt 


We had great fun running around the yard looking for clues as to where our easter eggs might be – we then shared out the winnings and just had one each!!

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